Blanton Family War Veterans


VIETNAM   1964 



Clarence Finlay Blanton, Lt Col USAF *
9/1/1921-3/11/1968, Age 46
Tour started 2/19/1965
Hometown: El Reno OK  Baptist  Married  Caucasion
Died, of Gun, Hostile Fire
Lima 85, Central Group (TDY), HQ USAF, Laos
Panel 44E, Line 73



Sergeant Russell Lee Blanton, US Army *
10/14/1946-7/15/1967  Age 20
Tour Started 3/25/1967
Light Weapons Infantry
Hometown: Vinton, OH  Baptist Caucasion
Died: Multiple Fragmentation Wounds
196th Light Infantry Battalion (LIB), Co. C, 2nd Battalion,        1st Infantry
Panel 23E Line 13

Kenneth Gene Blanton, Specialist 4th Class, US Army *
8/16/1945-3/21/1967  Age 21
Infantry Indirect Fire Crewman
Hometown: Florissant MO  Roman Catholic  Caucasian  Married
Tour Started 9/24/1966
Died: Gun, Small Arms Fire at Tay Ninh, South Vietnam
Suoi Tre (FSB Gold) 42k WSW An Loc
4th Infantry Division, Co. B, 3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry
Panel 16E Line 129

Walter Clay Blanton, Private First Class, US Army
12/31/1947-9/28/1968  Age 20
Tour Started 9/11/1968
Light Weapons Infantry
Hometown: Stoutsville OH  Caucasion Single
Died: Non-hostile; Drowning-Suffocation
101st Airborne Division, Co. B, 2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry
Panel 42W Line 34

 James Lee Blanton, Jr., Private First Class, US Army *
10/25/1946-5/13/1969  Age 22
Tour Started 4/4/1969
Medical Corpsman
Hometown: Memphis TN African-American  Baptist  Single
Died: Gun, Small Arms Fire, South Vietnam
4th Infantry Division, HHC, 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry
Panel 25W Line 94

Bill Edward Blanton, Sergeant, US Army *
1/6/1950-4/24/1971   Age 21
Tour Started 11/22/1970
Light Weapons Infantry
Hometown: Dayton OH  Caucasian  Protestant  Single
Died: Other Explosion  South Vietnam
173rd Airborne Brigade, Co. C, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry
Panel 03W Line 6

Burton Alexander Blanton, Captain, US Army Reserve *
10/30/1937-3/30/1066  Age 28
Helicopter Pilot     6 years of service
Hometown: Charlston SC  Methodist  Married  Caucasian
Died: Air Loss; Crash-landed at Plei Me Cho Pong Mossif, South Vietnam
1st Cavalry Division, Troop A, 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry
Panel 06E Line 62


John James Blanton, Private First Class, USMC *
5/14/1944-8/26/1966  Age 22
Hometown: Baltimore MD  Protestant  Married  African American
Died: Gun, Small Arms Fire
3rd Marine Division, Co. A, 1st Battalion, 4th Marines
Panel 10E Line 45

Michael Merle Blanton, Corporal, USMC
8/31/1947-7/5/1966  Age 18
Hometown: Portland OR Caucasian  Single
Died: Other Explosion
1st Marine Division, Co. D, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines
Panel 08E Line 132

Calvin Blanton, Jr., Lance Corporal, USMC
9/101948-10/26/1969  Age 21
Tour Started 2/1/1969
Motor Vehicle Operator
Hometown: Lorain OH  African-American  Protestant  Single
Died: Non-hostile, Died of Other Causes.  Drowning, Suffocation in South Vietnam
1st Marine Division, Supt Co, 1st Engineer Battalion
Panel 13W Line 119

 Richard Patrick Blanton, Sergeant, USMC *
5/13/1948-4/30/1969  Age 20
Tour Started 6/7/1968
Hometown: Greenwood IN  Protestant  Caucasian
Died: Multiple Fragmentation Wounds, South Vietnam
III MAF CAP 2-3-5, 2nd CAG
Panel 26W Line 81

Source: site that contains images of their names on the wall