Blanton Family War Veterans


WORLD WAR II  1941 ~ 1945


James Bertrand BLANTON, Staff Sgt. Enlisted into U. S. Army during World War II from Choctaw County, Mississippi.  Place of enlistment was undefined on March 7, 1940
as a Private and term of enlistment was listed as 'three years'.  Army Serial Number: 07009239.  Was listed as married, with 1 year of high education.  He listed being a undefined as his pre-war occupation.  {Box 0050, Film Reel Number 1.43; Electronic Army Serial Number Merged File, ca. 1938-1946 (Enlistment Records), In the Series: World War II Army Enlistment Records, created 6/1/2002-9/30/2002, documenting the period ca. 1938-1946. - Record Group 64; The U.S. National Archives & Records Administration}Staff Sergeant with 413th Infantry, 104th Infantry Division during World War II.  Killed in action in Holland on November 4, 1944.
"SERGEANT DIES FROM WOUND. Staff Sergeant James Bertrand Blanton was killed in action Nov. 4, 1944, in Holland, according to a message received Wednesday, Nov. 22, by his brother, Mr. Izene Blanton of Weir:
"The Secretary of War desires me to express his deep regret that your brother, Staff Sergeant James Bertrand Blanton, was killed in action on the Fourth of November in Holland.  Letter follows."  Witzell, Acting The Attorney General."
James Bertrand Blanton was the son of the late Mr. R. E. L. Blanton and Mrs. Gussie Pickle Blanton.  After the death of his parents, Mr. Izene Blanton, an older brother, took charge of the family and reared the children.  He was a student in Weir and Ackerman high schools.  He spent several months in the CCC and then enlisted in the U.S. army in March, 1940, until his death, having been overseas two months, in Belgium and Holland.
He is survived by the following brothers: Messrs. R. L. Blanton, Weir, Hugh Tabor Blanton (training for a pilot), Columbus Air Base, Paul Blanton of Louisville and Davis Blanton of Memphis.
We regret that it is necessary each week to include a write-up which begins, :The Secretary of War desires me to express his deep regret---" for the family of one or more of our brave young soldiers on foreign battlefields.  Splendid young men like young Blanton who had high hopes for the future, have been cut down by the grim reaper of war.  His was a sacrifice of loyalty and devotion.  May he not have made this great sacrifice in vain!" {Death Announcement in The Choctaw Plaindealer newspaper, Ackerman, Choctaw County, Mississippi, dated Friday, December 1, 1944; Page 1, Column 4}
"A TRIBUTE.  To you, dear Bertrand, who lies on Flanders Field, we pledge from here below, to keep on high the torch which you from falling highs did throw.  This time we vow we will not cease to fight the wicked foe, until all lands where you have trod, with freedom light shall glow.  We did break faith, and now our boys the penalty must pay.  May God forgive and bless our cause and gird us for the fray.  O, blessed Heaven, of the cause of freedom and the right, keep you sleeping with the torch held high as we carry on the fight.  The faith we'll keep from this day on , and pray that you may know your sacrifice was not in vain, while your precious body lies on Flanders Field.
We don't know how you, suffered before you died, but we do know for your part you did stand.  Now you are throughwith this cruel war, your soul is resting with mother, father, sister and brother, who went on before to greet you in a Peaceful Land.  ---His Aunt, Beulah Ballard."  {Article with Photo in The Choctaw Plaindealer newspaper, Ackerman, Choctaw County, Mississippi, dated Friday, December 6, 1944; Page 1, Columns 4 & 5}

Home of Record - Florida 
December 7, 1941~ HAWAII, USA
"The Arizona"
Home of Record - Mississippi
Prisoner of War Camp #1 - Cabanatuan
1-2-3 Neuva Province, Luzon, Phillipines
Died July 15, 1942
 {World War II Prisoners of War Data File, 12/7/1941-11/19/1946, In the Series: Records of World War II Prisoners of war, created 1942-1947, documenting the period ca. 12/7/1941-11/19/1946. - Record Group 389; The U.S. National Archives & Records Administration}

DARIUS A. BLANTON PFC MIA Omaha Beach, Normandy, France (Submitted: photo of Memorial Wall by Karin Blanton-Marcois) 

RAYMOND CARLYLE BLANTON  was then reassigned as a replacement for the 60th Infantry Regiment in the 9th Infantry Division, 1st battalion, C Company. He arrived in England late August or early September. From there he fought in France, Belgium and Germany. It was during one of the battles in the Hurtgen Forest in Germany, that Carlyle was declared “Missing in Action” on the morning of October 14th, 1944. Until his remains are found and identified, this soldier cannot be given a military funeral and buried in Arlington National Cemetery. He was 19 years old when he was MIA. (Submitted by Mjr. Richard Blanton , retired).



World War II was began by the Japanese on December 7, 1941 when on a secret mission they attacked and bombed Pearl Harbor early in the morning hours while most American soliders were sleeping.

April 18,1942 Colonel Jimmy Doolittle flew in Aircraft No. 1 on a secret mission launched off the flight deck of the HORNET air craft carrier and delivered bombs on Toyko and other Target's in Japan. Sixteen (16) American Aircraft were involved in the Doolittle Raid.

Lt. THAD HARRISON BLANTON was the  Co-Pilot of Aircraft 12 Tail No. 40-2278 called "Fickle Fingers" of the DOOLITTLE RAID. All 5 crew members returned safe.

He born February 25, 1919 in Archer City, Texas and died on September 27, 1961 in Orlando, Florida; he is buried in Gainsville, COOKS COUNTY, Texas. 



WILLIAM JENNINGS (Bill)  BLANTON LT COL, retired ~Still Living ~ DNA DONOR(22266) in Blanton Family DNA Analysis Project.  A special Tribute on this Memorial Day 2013

I was in World War II (1943-1945, Korean War (1950-1951), Vietnam (1962-1965). My retirement orders, medals & ribbons (485 combat flying hours, short bio, and photo receiving Air Medals are attached. Also a typical copy of Special Orders of duty in Vietnam and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. As Chief Pilot of the 315th Air Division it required my frequent duty in Vietnam where I supervised the aircrew qualifications of airmen in a C-123 and a C-130 Wing of aircraft in Vietnam.(Submitted by Bill Blanton ~ See WW1 Walter M. Blanton and Korean War Charles E. Blanton)