Blanton Family War Veterans



Attached is the Discharge of my father Walter Monroe Blanton (1898-1969).He was in World War I. Please note
on Page 2 of his discharge, he was in the battles at St. Miheil, and the Argonne Forest, France. His unit was the 105th Ammunition Train, 55th Field Artillery Brigade, 30th US Army Division. He was also on the Texas-Mexico border 1916-1917 during the Mexican Border Insurrection when Pancho Villa was raiding towns along the Rio Grande. While there his unit was the 2nd Infantry Regiment, SC National Guard. When President Wilson declared War his National Guard unit was federalized, called back to SC and designated as the 105th Ammo Train.(hauled ammo to artillery units on front lines with mule and wagons), and shortly sent to France with Gen Pershing.(Submitted by: Bill Blanton, See WW2 and Charles Emory Blanton Korean Conflict)